In the Western continent, myths of a man called Tyrion are as old as the land itself. Long have his stories been written in the history books, but no two are the same. Sometimes, he is regarded as a deity who walked among the mortals, shaping the land to his whim; his is a creation myth. In other stories, Tyrion was a demon in human’s skin, come to our realm bringing only death and destruction; a campfire story to frighten children. He has even played the role of a warlord, warding off Eastern invaders, slaughtering entire armies single-handedly and leaving the Eastern rulers huddled in fear for centuries to come.

Even though no two accounts tell the same tales, the sheer abundance of stories regarding this man lead most modern scholars to agree that he did exist in some incarnation or another. While it is impossible to say if he was an incredible sorcerer, a terrifying warrior or even an actual demi-god, it is near certain that thousands of years ago, a being called Tyrion left a stain on the history of this continent. And though no details from the ancient myths and stories can be proven, there is a single unifying theme when describing Tyrion: He has always been portrayed as an irredeemable character. Never is Tyrion a savior or hero. Even in the creation myths, he is shown to slaughter entire races, bringing them to extinction just because he is displeased. As a god, he is cruel, vengeful and full of disdain for his creations. As a warlord, he is brutal, often burning entire villages to the ground after raping the women. As a sorcerer, he is credited with having shaped all of the most heinous spells ever to have been outlawed.

And now, with a civil war reaching its bloody peak and the last major territory to maintain neutral status under siege from unknown aggressors, there are rumors beginning to spread of Tyrion’s return. Drunken prophets spout horror stories, blood stains neutral ground and a fallen legend seeks petty vengeance.

The Western continent is being torn apart from the inside, even as its greatest threat may be returning. As the native citizens destroy each other, the fate of the nation may now rest with a band of outcasts… If they can survive the ravages of war long enough to unravel the truth.

Shadows of Tyrion